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How do I get a list of my attendees?

Exporting an attendee list is one of the most useful features of EventSprout and can be found under the "Events" feature in the left-side toolbar.

1. Select "Export" in the "Events" tab. Select the event(s) you would like to download data for. Select the date range from which you'd like the information to come. The default "Format" will be a Spreadsheet, which will include all details and order information relating to every single attendee. You may also choose to select the "Will Call List" format, which will only include customer & ticket information, like a traditional will call list. 


2. If you'd like to filter by specific tickets, you can do so by clicking the purple text below the event box. A list of tickets with checkboxes will drop down below, and you can select exactly which tickets you'd like to see. 


3. Click the purple "Submit" icon to the right of the "Format" box. An export report will be mailed to your account email address. This could take up to 15 minutes depending on the size and scope of the report. Larger reports will take longer to process.

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