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Do you offer ticket scanning?

EventSprout has the option for each ticket sold to include a mobile/printable ticket in the confirmation email. While EventSprout does not have ticket scanning built in, we recommend using CodeReadr, a scanning application that is available for all Android and iOS devices. Use the following guide to scan tickets at the gate:

To set up CodeReadr to scan tickets, follow these steps after event registration closes:

  1. Export your EventSprout attendee report by following the guide here with Include Barcodes: Yes selected.
  2. Open the downloaded csv export. Create a new csv file and copy the entire Barcode column to this new file. Save the file as a csv.
  3. Log on to your CodeReadr account at https://www.codereadr.com/. If you do not have a CodeReadr account, create one now.
  4. Click on Databases and Create a Database. Create a new database with the name of your event.
  5. On the Databases screen, click on the name of your event to be taken to the Import screen. Choose your saved barcode-only csv and import the database.
  6. Follow this guide to create a scanning service utilizing the “Validate Scans On-Device” option.

To scan at your event:

  1. Open the CodeReadr app on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device and log in with the CodeReadr account you created above.

2. If you are offline, select Continue Offline to continue.

3. Select the event you are scanning for. If it prompts you to download the database, select Download Database. You must be connected to the internet for this to work.



4. Tap the icon in the center of the screen to begin scanning. Place a ticket barcode in front of the device’s camera to scan the ticket and receive a Valid (screen turns green) or Invalid response (screen turns red).


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