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How do I process a refund for an attendee?

If you'd like to refund one of your attendees, follow these steps:

1. Log into your EventSprout account

2. Search for the attendee needing a refund. (How to Search For An Attendee/Order

3. Scroll to the bottom section "Refund/Void Request".

4. Choose the amount you would like to refund the attendee and click "Partial Refund", "Full Refund and Delete from System", or "Void Transaction"

Note: if you are partially refunding someone, be sure to update the amount you would like the refund. EventSprout auto-populates the amount of their original order in this field.

5. Type a reason for the refund

Note: this reason shows up in a refund receipt email to your attendee

6. Choose the type of refund.

7. Hit submit! 

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