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How do I ask my attendees a question during the checkout process?

First/Last Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and Date of Birth are always asked for each ticket purchase. If you'd like to add additional questions to your event, follow the steps below:

1.On the left hand toolbar, select "Add ons" then, select "Questions"

2. Next, select "New Question" from the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. The page below should appear:

4. Click "Activate" and you're all set!

-You can either select your question to be a multiple choice answer, or a text box where anything can be entered. If you create a multiple choice answer, just make sure you input answers.

-Clicking "Add to all my events" will automatically include this question in any events that you create. If you would like to remove the question from even just one of your events, this box must be left unchecked.

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