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How do I activate my event?

Your event will be hidden from public view until it is activated within EventSprout. If you preview your event before it is live, pricing tiers, promotions, etc. will not be in effect.

1. Once all required fields are entered, you will have the option to "Activate" your event in the top right hand corner of your event page. 


2. Your event will not appear on EventSprout outside of your Registration Start and End Date range. To push the event live, simply change the registration date to today's date and time, or a date/time in the past. Then, click "Save" and "Activate" (if you have not previously activated your event). Click here to learn more about how to edit the dates of your EventSprout page.

3. Once your event is live, start publishing your event link out to guests, event websites, etc.

*Note: if you are trying to verify/test promo codes, promotional prices, pricing tiers, etc., make sure the start dates are set to today's date or in the past. Otherwise, the promotion/function will not work. Your event does NOT have to be live to test these features.


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