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How to search, view, and edit an order

Viewing & editing individual attendee information in EventSprout is essential to understanding your customers and providing service after registration/purchase. To edit personal information of your event guests, follow the steps below:

1. Select "Attendees" on the left hand toolbar.


2. Enter first and & last name into the search bar, or use other identifiers such as email or transaction ID to narrow your search.

*Hint: try using just the first few letters of a first/last name. Note that if searching for "John Doe", "Jo Do" will pull up the attendee, but "Johnathan Doe" will not.

3. If you searched correctly, the guest(s) should appear below the search bar.


4. Click on the order number or the pencil icon to edit & view their profile.

5. Within their profile, you can see or edit their name, email, ticket number, etc.



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