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What is the difference between Tickets and Registrations?

When setting up your event, you will get the option to sell either “Tickets” or “Registrations” on Step 2 of event creation. The following guidelines can help you figure out which will work best for your event:


Ticketed events allow one participant to purchase/hold multiple tickets under one name. This is the most common event type, suitable for concerts, festivals, spectator sports, performing arts and more. If your event has different entrance types at different price points, this will be the one you choose. 


  • General Admission Ticket - $10
  • VIP Ticket - $50


Registrations require a different name and set of contact info for each individual participant. Registration-based events include running races and team sports, as well as some classes, conferences, and workshops. Choose this type when your event has only one price point, such as a 5k race that costs $45 and you need to collect information for each person running.

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