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How do I host a live stream?

Once you've created an event on EventSprout and enabled the live stream functionality, you may be wondering how to actually run the live stream.

Here's how:

1. Log in to your EventSprout account and view your upcoming live streamed events on the "Live Streams" tab of the lefthand toolbar. 



2. Select the event you would like to start streaming and find the configuration information.


3. Next, download OBS to the computer you will be using to live stream your event. Click here for system requirements. 

4. Once you've downloaded OBS and opened it on your computer, you'll be prompted to walk through a test set up. 

5. After completing the test, open OBS' software settings, select "Stream," and input the Server URL & Stream Key provided by EventSprout (from Step 2). Then click "OK".

This step allows for your OBS feed to be pushed into your EventSprout feed. 


5. Next, prepare your content streams for live streaming. Follow these four steps to make sure you're production is fully prepared before going live.


6. Once you've connected your content streams, optimized your settings, and it's time to go live - click on "Start Streaming" on OBS. The video feed should now be connected and previewing on the screen from Step 2. This step does not activate the live stream that your viewers will be watching; it simply feeds the stream from OBS into your EventSprout Live Streaming Dashboard so that you can go live from there.

7. Once the video looks good in EventSprout, select "Go Live" to feed the stream directly to your viewers!

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