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How do I sell tickets to a Zoom conference through EventSprout?

Selling tickets to your Zoom conference through EventSprout is not only convenient for you and your customers, but it’s also extremely easy. Connect your Zoom account and start selling tickets in under 10 minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your Zoom account

    While logged in to your EventSprout account, head to the "Integrations" tab on the left-hand toolbar. Find the Zoom option and click “Connect.” The integration will read "Connected" once you've successfully integrated your account. 


  2. Create an event in EventSprout

    If you haven't already created an event in which you'd like to sell Zoom tickets to, create one by selecting the "Events" tab on the left-hand toolbar and then selecting "Create Event" in the upper right-hand corner. 

  3. Enable Zoom on your event

    In the "Event Details" section of the event editor, enable Zoom by selecting the Zoom icon. Once the icon outlines in blue and says "Selected," hit save in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


  4. Set virtual tickets

    By default, even when Zoom is connected to your event, tickets will still be recognized as physical tickets until set otherwise. Manually select which tickets you would like to be "Zoom tickets" by entering the "Tickets" tab of the event editor, selecting the three dots to the right of your ticket, and enabling Zoom. 


Once a ticket has been enabled for Zoom, a camera icon will appear to the left of the ticket name, as shown below. This means that any time a customer purchases one of these tickets, they will be sent a link to your Zoom conference. 


Make sure to hit save in the upper right-hand corner!

5. Finalize your event details

Before activating your event, make sure all of your event details are set in both EventSprout and Zoom.

Please note:
• As you change the event date in EventSprout, the change will be reflected in Zoom.
• If you have capacity limitations for your Zoom conference, you'll need to set those capacity limits in the "Tickets" tab of EventSprout so that you don't oversell your event.

6. Activate your event and start selling tickets

Once you activate your event and start selling tickets, Zoom links will automatically be sent in your customers' confirmation emails. A reminder email will automatically be sent by EventSprout as the event approaches. 

7. Begin your Zoom event

When the time comes, start your meeting in Zoom as normal!


To uninstall the Zoom app, please follow these instructions. 


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