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How to change/upgrade a ticket

Your guests might make mistakes when buying tickets or want to change or upgrade their tickets to another day or ticket tier. You can easily change, add, or upgrade tickets within your EventSprout account. Check out the steps below:

1. First, follow these steps to find the exact order you'd like to change.

2. Once you've found the order you're looking for, you can edit the event and/or ticket type that your guest would like to change. First, click on the "Change Event" button in the upper right corner. This is where you can change the event or ticket type for the guest.



*If a difference in ticket price needs to be charged, you will have to enter their payment information.

3. Once all the correct information has been filled in, hit "Submit!" Let the guest know that a new order confirmation will be sent to their email.

That's it! 

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